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Need to expand, break-out, or develop? Review ideas or develop a strategy? Work smart, invest smarter.  Talk over your plans and strategies with someone who's been there, and has an extensive background in business development, strategy design, project management, and complete integration. If you need results, make the wise investment to take you to the next level. 

Why talk to me? 25+ years at Fortune 500 companies, and most recently responsible for global marketing coordination for a major website redesign at an international company. I have backgrounds in many industries, and have consulted for small businesses and startups through GE's Small Business Development Program, and a prominent Philadelphia University, but most recently through my own company. Extensive background in Marketing, Branding, and Communications, Social Media & Website Design, Systems Development, Project Management, Career Management, Crowdfunding & Coworking, and 6 Sigma - I can help you and your company with all aspects of Business Development & Personal Branding. 

  • Discover the top reasons you aren't getting the results you desire
  • Identify missed opportunities
  • Understand where you are leaving money on the table
  • and get solid direction for 2016  

Appointments can be taken after hours with a 24 hour notice.

There is a $10 cancellation fee for appointments cancelled within a 24 hour period. 

Online Scheduling

Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Business Consult Free
    Please include the type of consult you are requesting - Social Media, Business Development, Email, WebDesign, Marketing, or Analytics. 
  • Social Media Review / Q & A $45
    If you need help with your social media, want to run by / develop content ideas, or develop growth ideas, etc. then this is for you.
  • Linkedin Review &/or Setup Strategy $75
    Take control of your career by taking control over your Linkedin. Have your profile reviewed, or if you have no profile, send along a resume and we will discuss what you need to put where, in addition to Strategy Development.  You won't get this service anywhere else. Take your Linkedin to the next level and start taking control of your future, build your pipeline of opportunities, and engage your network to grow relationships. Give yourself a little career insurance and fill your well before you need it!
  • Business & Marketing

    • Business Consultation $75
      Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Brand Audit / Review; Coaching and Consulting. Solve business problems, determine strategy, review products and services, address branding, or opportunities. This is for individuals who need to determine strategy, need business development direction, and / or website / social media.  This can be used for an initial consultation, and applied to a packaged service upon purchase.
    • Personal Brand Development/Reviews $75
      Review, discuss, develop marketing materials, personal branding direction, & strategy development. Determine if / where new ideas fit into an existing brand.
    • Website Review $45
      If you are looking for advice about your website, have questions about improvements, would like your website tested, or would like to determine how to build more traffic to it, then this is an option for you.
  • Speaker Services and Support

    • Speaker / Marketing Strategy & Development $75
      As a new speaker, sometimes you need some help in developing materials for your first speeches.  This time is also available to create a longer term strategy or to review / fine-tune an existing plan or strategy.  We could also discuss social media and other platform uses for your speech(es).
    • Speaker Coaching $55
      Have an important speech you need to practice for, and need feedback? Then this is your option. Need help in preparing a presentation, slides, and reaching the audience? Perfect for first business presentations, folks that want to fast track their speaker bureau presentations, those that want to develop and practice a keynote.
    • Presentation Video Review $45
      To review a video of a recent presentation for feedback and enhancement, send a video url or file.
    • Speaking Event Support $25
      If you need video support, assistance with setup, table setup and sales, business card / handout assistance and collection, testimonial collection, then this is the perfect option for you.(Sometimes you want to look like a more professional / bigger operation.)
    • Emerging Speakers Bureau

      • Speakers Bureau Consult Free
        Use for QS presentation help, webinar questions, general help and assistance for Speakers Bureau members.
  • Job / Career Support

    • Career / Job Search Coaching $55
      Call to discuss, review, resolve career challenges, opportunities, issues, and strategies. Perfect for any phase of your career from starting / graduation, stalled / plateaued careers, layoffs / transitions, and specializing in Boomers for career reactivation, transition or job loss.
    • Networking Coaching $65
      Especially for Introverts, the shy, or those who experience difficulties networking effectively.  I help you develop a networking strategy for a particular event / events, and can also attend the event with you to monitor or assist, and provide feedback (please select a 2 hour block of time if you would like me to attend an event with you, this will also charge you for the additional hour)



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